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Four Pillars Products

industrlial tape Deer Brand Industrial Adhesive Tapes

Four Pillars focuses on fields where we possess the necessary experience and know-how in research, development, production and marketing. Industries of particular competence for Four Pillars include the electrical, electronic components, printed circuit board and packaging industries.


Deer Brand Label Stock and Related Products

Four Pillars label stock are consistent performers in the variable printing industry as marking, product, computer and advertising labels. The wide range of backings and colors, choice of gloss or matt topcoatings, and ability to offer both sheet form and roll form release liners allows us to meet the stringent label application requirements.

Deer Brand Consumer Products

The applications for our OPP, polyester and cellophane tapes range from use in fine arts, gift wrapping, decoration and exhibition displays. Our new Knife-free tape is ideally suited to meet the light packaging needs of both the home and office.

medical tape

4Pillars Medical Products

4 Pillars autoclave tape lets you identify processed and unprocessed materials quickly while eliminating the need for pins, string or clips to secure bundles. Four Pillar's Comfortpore tape is not only gentle to the skin, but also aggressive on its adhesion required to meet many taping needs.

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