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Deer Brand Industrial Adhesive Tapes

Electronic Component Tape

Electronic Component Tape Deer Brand tapes play a very important role in electronic component field by ensuring that components can be produced economically at the highest level of precision. Applications include belting and packaging of axial and radial components and sealing of LEDs.

for electricians

for OEM industries

Deer Brand tapes play a very important role in the electronic component field by ensuring that components can be produced economically at the highest level of precision.

  • belting/sequencing (axial lead components)
  • belting/taping (radial lead components)
  • pretaping
  • holding/fixing application
  • capacitor wrap
  • sealing of LED

Insulating Tape

Deer Brand electrical tapes insulate, bind, and protect various electrical equipment. Each electrical tape of Four Pillars is engineered with an appropriate backing and adhesive to meet a specific task which it executes efficiently, quickly and cost-effectively.

PC Board Related Materials

Fopilex Flexible Laminate and Coverlay is an ideal base material for flexible printed circuits. The high performance material resists shrinkage and has both excellent dimensional stability and low adhesive flow. Customers have come to fully trust Deer Brand's high quality masking tape for use during the production of PC boards. These tapes can accurately mask multipole connectors during hot air leveling and the PC board during the plating process with no adhesive residue.
  • PC Board Masking Tapes
  • Flexible Printed Circuit Materials

Packaging Tape

Packaging Tapes Customer's loyalty to Deer Brand packaging tape stems from the ability to provide a secure and fast solution to the tasks required. Four Pillars provides adhesive tape for many forms of packaging encompassing a diverse range of products - from economical kraft paper and OPP to extremely tear-resistant filament adhesive tapes.
  • PP backing
  • Polyester backing
  • PVC backing
  • Paper backing
  • Cloth backing

Surface Protection Tape

Surface Protrection Tape During the manufacturing and transportaion process, protecting nameplates, stainless steel plates, and printed surfaces from contamination, degradation and corrosion is essential. Deer Brand tapes offer the appropriate backing and adhesive to meet this challenge.
  • PE backing
  • PVC backing

Double-Sided Tape

Double-side Tape Deer Brand double sided tapes provide the answer to many different fastening problems in industry. Our comprehensive product range is used for mounting, splicing, fixing and other uses. Performance characteristics are based on a balanced combination of factors, such as bonding strength, material thickness, time requirements and environmental conditions.
  • cloth backing
  • film backing
  • membrane switch spacer
  • tissue backing
  • foam backing

Other Industrial Tapes

  • Pipewrapping System
  • Ducting System
  • Marking System
  • For Construction
  • Splicing System

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