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Transparent Tape

Transparent Tape

  • Suitable for packaging, sealing.
  • Strong and durable.
Noise-free Tape

Noise-free Packaging Tape

  • Made of ultra clear film.
  • Noise free.
  • Easy to peel and locate the tape end.
  • does not splinter.
Knife-free Tape

Knife-free Tape

  • Made of KF film.
  • Easy to tear the tape by hand.
  • No dispenser is necessary.
  • Easy to apply and locate the tape end.
Cloth Tape

Cloth Tape

  • Packing, bundling, identifying, decorating and mending of books, files, documents.
  • Prevent grip handle form slipping.
  • Insulation of air conditioner duct.

Colored Tape

  • For general adhesive purposes such as masking, school homework...
  • Different colors make identification easy.
Book Mending Tape

Book Mending Tape

  • Suitable for mending items such as cheque books, text books, note books.

Protection and Sealing Tape

  • Sealing of windows and doors to prevent mosquito, fly, insects and dust from entering the room.
  • Reduce the noise from closing and opening of doors and windows.
  • Adhere to the edge of furniture or steel cabinets to prevent damage from collision.
  • Stick on the bottom of table legs for better leveling.


  • Suitable for gift packaging, application on automobiles or home decorations, school homework, identification, party decorations, can or plastic container sealing.
Double-side Foam Tape

Double- Sided Foam Tape

  • Suitable for hanger, poster, fixing, frame hanging, meeting room decorating, application on automobiles.

Easy Liner

  • Prevent slippage and damage from heat.
  • Cushions and absorbs noise.
  • Ideal for sink, bathrooms, drawers, kitchen cabinets, stairs, restaurants, carpets and automobile trunks.
Diet Tape

Diet Tape

  • Simply wrap the tape around joints of the fingers and weight loss will occur. Apply the tape on both hands for better results.

Nasal Cleaning Tape

Acne removal cloth tape
Easy to use and you can see the effect right after using

Nasal Cleaning Tape

The cloth tape touch closely to the skin around nose, then can remove annoying acne and clean dirt and greasy spots.

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